As far as independent menswear magazines go, Client is a market leader and this issue reminds us all why. Never afraid to place new talent alongside the world’s top male models or insist on authentic photography without compromise, avoiding unnecessary retouching that we have to endure in so many magazines published today. We must point out that Client is first and foremost a photography magazine and the genre is fashion. It’s important to remember that. As of this issue, each edition of Client Magazine and our popular Client Style Guide will be printed on the finest papers, almost twice the weight of previous issues, setting Client aside from many others. We want to create publications that you will want to keep and continue to bridge the classic with contemporary.

As we unveiled earlier, our cover star is British model Oliver Cheshire at Select, photographed in New York by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca at Defacto and styled by Marcus Teo, dressing Oliver in exclusive total-look Polo Ralph Lauren SS/14. The issue features 17 editorials from as many photographers, including Anna Victoria Best, Andree Martins, Demian Dupuis, Aitor Santome, Amar David, Charl Marais, Emmanuel Giraud, Ian Cole, Jeremy Kost, Laurent Humbert, Matthew Stansfield, Rokas Darulis, Ricardo Gomes, Samuel Bradley, Sasha Hitchcock, Sebastian Troncoso & Winter Vandenbrink. The digital edition is available for immediate download and you can order the print edition which ships from 25th June, 2014 (links below).

I would like to acknowledge the particular help and support given by the following in the production of this issue: Dounia Benjelloul at Select Model Mgmt, Arnaldo Anaya Lucca, Oliver Cheshire, Marcus Teo, Eddie Baker, Paul Merrit, Defacto Inc, Versative Studios, Cristina Planelles & Sadie Mantovanie at Ralph Lauren UK

Written by Ian Cole, Editor-in-Chief

216 pages
170gsm art-papers
300gsm matt cover
perfect bound
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above: Oliver Cheshire at Select by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca. Styled by Marcus Teo in exclusive total-look Polo Ralph Lauren SS/14
above: Archie Redford at Select by Ian Cole. Styled by Cristina Planelles wearing total-look Armani with rings by Nilplug
above: George Alsford at Select, Sang Woo at Select, Sam Thompson at FM & Jack Belgrove by Samuel Bradley. Styling by Chris Benns
above: Alexey Glabko & Alexi Le Barbonnier at New Madison by Emmanuel Giraud. Styled by Gloria Gotti
above: Almantas Petkunas at Elite London by Rokas Darulis at Saint Lukes. Styled by Kevin Kim
above: Callum at Models1 & Nick at Tomorrow Is Another Day by Anna Victoria Best. Styled by Amie May
above: Botond Cseke at Uno Models & Katrin Tonn at Trend Models by Sebastian Troncoso. Styling by Marianne KraussCLIENT11_105 CLIENT11_103
above: Demy Matzen at View Mgmt by Andree Martins & Demian Dupuis. Styling by Sandra Escala
CLIENT11_112 CLIENT11_118
above: Lew at Established & Chuck at Premier by Amar David. Styling by Abena Ofei
above: Edward Wilding at Boss / Storm by Matthew Stansfield. Styled by Donette Lathbury
CLIENT11_68 CLIENT11_142
above: Jester White at Select by Winter Vandenbrink. Styled by Isabelle Kavanagh
above: Arran & Chris Poulter at Select by Aitor Santome. Styling by Cristina Planelles
CLIENT11_80 CLIENT11_163
above: Scott Buker at Wilhelmina LA & Evan Latham at MDM LA by Jeremy Kost at Jedroot
CLIENT11_85 CLIENT11_176
above: Jordan & Jacob at Mikas by Ricardo Gomes. Styling by Lars-Fredrik Svedberg
above: Christopher Michaut at Bananas by Laurent Humbert. Styling by Benoit Martinengo
above: Mariano at Next by Charl Marais. Styled by David Hawkins at Frank Agency
CLIENT11_101 CLIENT11_205
above: Chris Poulter at Select by Sasha Hitchcock. Styled by Francesca Prudente
above: Back cover of Client #11 with Oliver Cheshire by Arnaldo Anaya Luca. Styled by Marcus Teo